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Intelligence alone is not enough. You need to see the big picture. From our position at the center of the world’s financial markets, we help clients make the right connections, bringing opportunities into focus and paving the way ahead.

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State Street Benchmarking Tool

Our recent global survey* of 400 investment organizations revealed three levels of readiness in meeting the industry’s data challenge – starters, movers and innovators. Not sure where you fit? Find out with our new benchmarking tool, which lets you quickly compare your firm’s progress vs. your peers on the path to data dexterity.

*State Street 2014 Data and Analytics Survey, conducted by Longitude Research

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Latest Research

Getting to the Point with Data


Our new research explores how investment organizations can reach a higher level of data capability — what we call “data dexterity.” We’ve outlined a roadmap for success in a data-driven world.

*State Street 2014 Data and Analytics Survey, conducted by Longitude Research

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Leading Through Innovation
Investing in Tomorrow's Workforce

“With Boston WINs, we’ve joined forces with five top-performing nonprofit organizations. Our goal: create career paths that take local youth from education to employment.”

Jay Hooley

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer



Living Our Values

Creating Economic Opportunity

A strong workforce and economic opportunity go hand in hand. The State Street Foundation has invested in education and career development nonprofits for years. Now, we’re taking that commitment to a new level. Boston WINs is a unique mix of funding and network collaboration, creating career paths for local youth and a skilled talent pool for local business.


Diversity in Investing or Investing in Diversity?

Addressing Gender Folklore in the Investment Industry

Addressing Gender Folklore

Despite strong evidence that a more gender-balanced investment industry would benefit investors, why are women still so underrepresented throughout the industry? Based on research from our recent report The Folklore of Finance*, we’ve looked at the impact gender-related differences have on the industry’s ability to deliver true success.

In our new paper, Addressing Gender Folklore: Diversity in Investing, or Investing in Diversity, we present three key recommendations for successfully managing the impact of gender folklore in the investment industry.


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TED@StateStreet 2014 Playlist

At the second TED@StateStreet, 13 of our employees took the stage to give the talk of their lives. Check out their new ideas, insight and bold visions in this playlist.

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