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Intelligence alone is not enough. You need to see the big picture. From our position at the center of the world's financial markets, we help clients make the right connections, bringing opportunities into focus and paving the way ahead.

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Mission: Retirement

Meeting the
Retirement Challenge

Pensions with Purpose

Our recent global survey* of 400 pension fund professionals identifies five areas – outcome, strategy, risk, efficiency and talent – where successful pension funds are defining their own future. How does your plan measure up?


*State Street Asset Owners Survey, 2015

On the Investment Horizon

Agility Starts Here


In an uncertain economic environment, investors need to be agile. Our global survey of more than 100 official institutions reveals those leading the drive toward transformation are ramping up skills to navigate new opportunities and risks.


*State Street 2015 Official Institutions Survey

Q4 2015 Results

"We were successful at managing expenses and strengthening our capital position in the quarter."

Jay Hooley

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer


Living Our Values

Creating Economic Opportunity

A strong workforce and economic opportunity go hand in hand. The State Street Foundation has invested in education and career development nonprofits for years. Now, we’re taking that commitment to a new level. Boston WINs is a unique mix of funding and network collaboration, creating career paths for local youth and a skilled talent pool for local business.


On the A List

Top Honors for Managing our Carbon Footprint

Top Honors for Managing our Carbon Footprint

Being a responsible corporate citizen keeps us connected to what matters most. We’re proud of the dual honors we’ve received this year from the Carbon Disclosure Project. Our disclosure score of 99 out of 100 and A-level listing for managing our carbon footprint support our focus on creating a sustainable future. 


Big Ideas


It starts with an idea. And with someone bold enough to share their vision. At our third annual TED@StateStreet, 11 of our employees and one of our clients took the stage to give the talk of their lives. Their curiosity, insights and fresh perspectives gave us a lot to consider.

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Lynn Blake
Supporting Gender Diversity in Corporate Senior Leadership

Smart Investing for Positive Change

We believe that advancing gender diversity is smart business. State Street Global Advisors' new ETF (Ticker: SHE) presents an opportunity to create change through investing. By tracking an index of US large cap companies with the highest levels within their sector of women in senior leadership roles. SHE is a new way to support stronger gender diversity in corporate senior leadership.


State Street Global Markets, LLC, member of FINRA and SIPC, is a wholly owned subsidiary of State Street Corporation and is the distributor of SHE.

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