Our Advantage

As an established and well-capitalised global leader, State Street can offer the guidance you need to achieve your business objectives — in any market environment.


State Street in Canada

Since establishing our first Canadian office in Toronto in 1990, State Street has built a strong presence in the region to better serve our clients. Today, with more than 1,100 employees* throughout the country, we offer local investors a complete range of financial services across the investment spectrum, including investment servicing, investment research and trading, and investment management.

Because of our singular focus on institutional investors, we have developed an in-depth understanding of your needs: We combine that knowledge with decades of experience serving institutional investors of all types and sizes to provide among the most comprehensive, innovative range of products and services available in the industry today — customized to your specific requirements. Our local professionals are well versed in the legal and regulatory requirements that impact your business, such as IFRS, and our products and services help ensure you are in compliance with changing regulations.

When you work with State Street in Canada, you have access to the local market knowledge of our experienced professionals, as well as capabilities and services that are highly scalable and truly global. More importantly, you benefit from our unwavering client focus and commitment to your success.

Investment Servicing

To help you keep up with the sweeping changes taking place in the financial industry — both worldwide and in Canada — State Street brings you an array of flexible and customizable investment servicing solutions, including:

  • Global custody and accounting
  • Valuations
  • Investment performance and analytics, including compliance reporting
  • Flexible, customized information delivery via my.statestreet.com
  • Cash management
  • Benefit payments
  • Fund administration and reporting


A recognized leader in technology development, State Street delivers investment servicing solutions via innovative, flexible and secure technology platforms that streamline data processing, save time and resources, and help reduce risk. Our multicurrency custody and accounting platform was the first of its kind in the industry and today it supports clients’ investments in all major currencies. And clients worldwide rely on my.statestreet.com, our Internet portal, to access data, tools and products to manage their financial information. The portal packages data for fast and easy review, and lets you customize the way your information is presented, from a high-level overview down to the details, incorporating your data more effectively into your workflow.

These products and services, combined with our expertise and local knowledge, bring transparency to the investment process and enable the owners or managers of invested assets to measure, evaluate and objectively interpret their investment performance.

Investment Research and Trading

We provide specialized research, trading, securities lending and innovative portfolio strategies with the goal of enhancing and preserving the value of your portfolio. We do this through proprietary portfolio and risk management technologies, trading optimization and global connectivity across multiple asset classes and markets. Through our integrated global network, we offer diverse liquidity and crossing to facilitate cost-effective solutions that meet your needs.

You can also take advantage of our industry-leading securities finance services. In the fast-changing, volatile global markets, you need to partner with a proven lending agent — one that is focused on the pursuit of strong and consistent returns in the context of conservative risk management, committed to program transparency and best practice oversight, and dedicated to maintaining scale and global reach. With approximately US$2.95 trillion in lendable assets* and a team of 277 dedicated professionals* worldwide, State Street is a market leader in securities finance.

Investment Management

Through our investment management business, State Street Global Advisors, we provide you with the disciplined, systematic investment strategies you need to achieve your investment goals.

As one of the world’s largest managers of institutional assets, Global Advisors manages more than US$2.48 trillion in assets** worldwide. We leverage this in-depth expertise and decades of experience to create highly customized investment solutions that align with your distinct risk parameters.

Products and services outlined herein are offered to institutional investors through State Street Bank and Trust Company and State Street Global Advisors, Inc., and affiliates, and may not be available in all jurisdictions. Please contact your sales representative for more information.