Our Business

Our teams in India offer clients the following range of services:

Financial Reporting and Fund Administration

The team supports US mutual funds, alternative investment clients as well as certain asset manager and asset owner clients. In particular, the team is responsible for:

  • Financial reporting
  • Treasury services
  • Tax services
  • Investment compliance
  • Legal, corporate administration, regulatory affairs and security (LCARS)
  • Collateralised loan obligation (CLO)

Fund Accounting

The Fund Accounting group is responsible for the preparation, monitoring and calculation of daily net asset values (NAVs) for clients based in APAC and EMEA. This includes comprehensive reviews and validation of activities captured in the fund at each pricing point.

Our fund accountants conduct a thorough analysis of all components of the NAV to monitor the change in daily or monthly NAV, within an agreed tolerance. They also compare fund performance against benchmarks and indices depending on portfolio and investment strategy.

Insurance Services

Our Insurance Services team supports insurance accounting clients in North America. Their primary output is the provision of daily and monthly pricing utilising PAM®. They're also responsible for compiling client-mandated core reporting to regulators.

Performance and Analytics

Our Performance and Analytics team provides services globally across North America, EMEA and APAC regions to over 600 clients that span the full spectrum of investment entities, including corporate and local government pension plans, foundations and endowments, sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies, and asset management organisations.

With our performance measurement and attribution services, we provide our clients with a wide array of solutions to gain insights into their performance strategies, transparency into their investment performance drivers, and access to a broad range of information.

Global Process Delivery

The responsibilities of the Global Process Delivery team include:

  • Agent banking operations (ABO)
  • Bank loans
  • Credit monitoring
  • North America securities settlements (NASS)
  • Risk management center of excellence (RMCOE)

Investment Manager Services

The Investment Manager Services team supports State Street Global Advisors’ (SSGA) middle office operations across the organisation.

The following range of services are provided by various functions comprising the team:

  • Portfolio administration
  • Trade administration
  • Reconciliation services
  • Performance & analytics

Income and Corporate Actions

The Income team is responsible for validating and posting fixed income accruals, amortisation and dividends. Our specialists also conduct researches and resolve exceptions related to accruals, cash, past due inquiries and NAV per share impact.

The Corporate Actions team is responsible for coding and reporting of corporate action events, which are due for processing in accounting systems and for validating and posting accounting entries related to corporate actions.


Our specialists review and confirm that our custody and accounting systems, including cash and security holdings data ranging from pre-settlement date activity through post-settlement data, are reconciled.

Client Delivery Management

The Client Delivery Management function is focused on timeliness, completion and responsiveness to satisfy contractual obligations with our clients. We proactively leverage client-based business intelligence to drive continuous improvement on delivery accuracy and effectiveness. As an organisation, we hold ourselves to the highest degree of accountability with prompt issue resolution and enhanced expertise in support of our end-to-end client view.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) / Know Your Client (KYC)

The AML and KYC India team performs the know-your-customer due diligence on our global client base. The main responsibilities of the team include:

  • Verifying the identity of clients
  • Validating client documents
  • Risk profiling of clients
  • Completing periodic risk reviews
  • Providing KPI and KRI reporting

Sanctions and Adverse Media Screening

In line with the USA Patriot Act and Bank Secrecy Act requirements, the team performs screening and negative news checks and analysis on an ongoing basis, including:

  • Screening individuals, entities or existing accounts
  • Identifying, verifying and escalating any sanctions or PEP hits to compliance
  • Performing negative news search
  • Analysing, validating and escalating any sanctions or PEP hits to compliance
  • Providing KPI and KRI reports to Corporate Compliance team

State Street Global Exchange

State Street Global Exchange (GX) uses its wide breadth of capabilities to help clients evolve their business models to tackle their data challenges.

GX India supports the following:

  • Data solutions
  • Investment compliance monitoring
  • Software solutions

Global Technology Services

The Global Technology Services (GTS) is our technology arm, which is further divided into various functions mentioned below:

  • Application development
  • Software engineering
  • Global quality services
  • Information security
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Technology operations and infrastructure
  • Corporate systems technology
  • Global markets technology
  • Business administration
  • Risk/governance

Our specialists are also involved in technology transformation initiatives mentioned below:

  • Technology client experience
  • Product offering management
  • Digital product development and innovation
  • Distributed ledger technologies
  • Advance infrastructure
  • Enterprise data management
  • Automation and artificial intelligence

Global Corporate Shared Services

The Global Corporate Shared Services (GCSS) team is designed to provide  services through our global network of centres of excellence. The group is expanding its footprint in India to support our company’s operating model for our corporate functions by centralising processes, using a cost effective and efficient model. The functions supported by the team include:

  • Global Human Resources

The Human Resources Shared Services (HRSS) is driving to redesign our processes and tools for service globalisation and scalability. Our HRSS team delivers a wide range of services from talent acquisition and employee on-boarding to workforce insights and mobility delivery across our global locations.

  • Procurement

Procurement at State Street India strategically manages vendors through the procurement lifecycle, which includes sourcing, contracting, purchasing, contract storage, fulfilment, stakeholder relationship management and supplier relationship management under well-defined global processes and frameworks.

  • Corporate Compliance

Corporate Compliance supports the board of directors, senior management of State Street Corporation, and its affiliates to comply with the laws and regulations applicable to the organisation’s global business activities and functions.

  • Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance plays a vital role in the organisation to ensure that we meet our financial obligations and position our company for future financial success. The team manages and controls our financial functions, meets our reporting requirements, provides information that guides our Board and Management Committee to make decisions, and manages our investment portfolio.

  • Global Marketing

The Marketing Shared Services team aims to deepen our marketing excellence by developing strategic and operational support functions that help transform our current operating model and enhance our ability to deliver marketing services to all key stakeholders.