Employee testimonials

Adrian Banach,
Fund Accounting Team Supervisor

“A combination of local soft skill courses, a foreign training assignment and the opportunity to work on many different projects with a diverse group of people has helped me to develop as an experienced team leader.”

I was one of the first employees of State Street in Poland in 2007 and have witnessed the incredible growth of the company and also the change from relying on externally imported talent from other State Street offices to today where the majority of our management team is made up of locally developed employees.

I enjoyed the opportunity of training assignments in Munich and Frankfurt and was given the responsibility of transitioning work into Kraków. Beyond this, State Street promotes a culture of open two-way communication, where employees have the chance to take part in and drive changes in the organisation. We work in an environment where things can change from day to day and the sense of teamwork and people coming together is extremely rewarding. Even though I have worked here for more than five years, I always find new activities to get involved in to ensure that I can continue to develop and remain engaged. More than 60 employees have been able to transfer within the organisation into new teams over the last 12 months.


Katarzyna Tomaszek,
Senior Fund Accounting Manager

“There are multiple development and career progression opportunities here at State Street.”

I first worked for State Street in Ireland in 2006 as an entry-level fund accountant and made my choice largely based on contacts who provided excellent feedback on the atmosphere, job content and mobility opportunities. As soon as the Kraków office of State Street opened in 2007, I raised my hand and was given the opportunity to transfer from Ireland to Poland first on an assignment and in 2010 as a local employee. The opportunity to work in multiple locations has been a huge benefit which has accelerated my career. The tremendous growth and need to build a local management team allowed me to progress quickly and I have had further opportunities to transfer internally within State Street in Poland on multiple occasions which have given me more insight and experience. If you are an open person, eager to learn and develop and value two-way communication, State Street is the right place for you.


Paulina Bojdo,
Pricing Administrator

“My company displays a strong dedication to its employees – anyone can be successful as long as they’re willing to work hard and progress their career.”

Before joining the company in January 2012, I worked in an analytical role within a brokerage operation. I chose to join State Street as I wanted to experience an end-to-end process rather than just focusing on specific market activities. State Street provides an exemplary focus on young people and presents opportunities for individuals to progress and develop across a range of diverse career pathways.


Agnieszka Sroka,
Derivatives Specialist

“The opportunity to get involved with complex products and services along with the support of my team and manager makes State Street an organisation where you can really build a long-term career.”

In September 2012, I joined the Derivatives Team, which handles the capture and life cycle of futures and options transactions for institutional clients. My educational background is in economics. From the very beginning, I’ve been involved in a number of challenging processes that required me to quickly adapt to a dynamic State Street environment. During that time, I had the opportunity to participate in numerous online and classroom trainings to develop my skills and deepen my knowledge about finance and derivatives. I can always count on my manager and team support. Additionally, after hours, I can make the most of my interests by participating in employee-led initiatives and events such as theatre visits, sport tournaments and charity events.


Agnieszka Świętek,
Senior Financial Reporting Accountant

"My role is diverse and continually presents me with new challenges."

I started my professional career with State Street in in Poland in March 2012. I chose State Street because it's a rapidly growing company which provides employees with a number of opportunities for learning and development as well as for gaining invaluable experience within a multinational team. Thanks to its growth and changing environment, State Street has given me a chance to use my natural problem-solving skills acquired during my physics studies at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków.


Izabela Oleszek,
Financial Analyst

“If you're looking for a challenging role and positive international working environment, State Street is the right choice.”

I started working for State Street in 2011 as financial analyst and have evolved alongside the company since then. Soon after I joined the finance shared service centre financial planning and analysis department, I spent two weeks in Munich, where I had a unique opportunity to collaborate with people from all over the world working on client budget planning.

My background was related to financial accounting (before I joined State Street I was working for an international energy company) but I wanted to develop my skills in management accounting, as it allows more “outside the box” thinking. This was the reason why I have chosen the financial planning and analysis department and started to study CIMA, which is supported by my employer, because the knowledge can be easily utilised in the company. I also appreciate the positive work environment, including flexible work arrangements such as working from home.

Overall I like what I do and know how my role contributes to what I’m doing for our clients.


Jan Delegos,
Fund Accountant

“It’s a great environment, where I’ve built a network of contacts and friends and got involved directly with initiatives that impact the wider organisation, while also having the flexibility to combine my studies and work on a part-time basis.”

I joined State Street in 2011 on a three-month internship having attended State Street presentations at university and an open day. I was very keen to learn more, and even though I continued to study, I was offered a flexible, part-time work schedule. I work in Fund Accounting, which is the core activity provided by State Street in Poland and across many other global locations. This involves calculating the value of investment funds in a deadline-driven environment, which requires a lot of attention to detail as the results are immediately released to clients, the media and exchanges.

Everybody is encouraged to share their feedback and suggestions for improvements, which is great –and I’ve been involved directly with projects that continuously enhance the work we deliver.