Making Life Better

Global Inclusion and Employee Networks

Global Inclusion is our company-wide initiative to ensure that every one of our employees feels engaged and valued by recognising their unique talents and contribution to our business.

What we value most about our employees are the qualities that make them unique: their experiences, interests and capabilities. Our values – Always Finding Better Ways, Stronger Together, Global Force, Local Citizen and Trust is Our Greatest Asset – represent our company's shared beliefs, and provide the framework for engaging our employees and connecting them to what we do.

In Poland, we have a number of committees and employee networks that have been established for our employees:

  • Sports Committee
  • Social and Cultural Committee
  • Personal and Professional Development Committee
  • Working Parents Club
  • Professional Women's Network
  • Toastmasters
  • Diversity Committee
  • Environmental Sustainability Committee
  • BeWell
  • Corporate Citizenship Committee

These groups help employees come together around a common goal, share their unique perspectives, ideas, interests and to increase their visibility across the company. Our vast range of employee networks offer opportunities for professional development, engagement with charitable organizations, sports and social activities.

The Poland office’s commitment to global inclusion, employee engagement and diversity were recognized in the 2015 ABSL Diamonds Awards. State Street Poland has been awarded "Business Leader with the Most Vibrant Workplace in Poland."

Corporate Citizenship

Values and principles that drive our Corporate Citizenship programme:

  • Investing in education and workforce development for disadvantaged populations.
  • Increasing an individual's ability to earn and maintain a living contributes to the overall health and wellbeing of our communities around the world. By investing resources with this in mind, we strive to resolve issues of skills shortages, regional competitiveness and income disparity between those with and without education and job skills.

Our strategic partners and other NGOs include:

  • Chrześcijańskie Stowarzyszenie Osób Niepełnosprawnych ich Rodzin i Przyjaciół 'Ognisko'
  • Dom Małego Dziecka im. Jana Brzechwy w Krakowie
  • Fundacja Przestrzeń Rozwoju (Space Development Foundation)
  • Fundacja Sztuki Przygody i Przyjemności ARTS (Foundation of Art, Adventure and Pleasure)
  • MILA Foundation
  • PAH
  • Poland Business Run Foundation
  • Polish Scouting and Guiding Association (ZHP)
  • Robinson Crusoe Foundation
  • Sarigato Foundation (Karmimy Psiaki)
  • Stowarzyszenie Czysta Polska
  • Towarzystwo Przyjaciół DzieciDzieło Pomocy Dzieciom, fundacja Ruperta Mayera
  • Wiosna Association
  • Wspinka Foundation
  • Zakon Maltański
  • Znaczenie Foundation

Volunteering (Krakow and Gdansk):

  • Events with children, teenagers (Game night events, Toastmasters, Friendship Games)
  • Workshops, site visits – disability week, “The President’s Chair’)
  • Initiatives with adults in need (Oplatek Maltanski, Annual Picnics for underprivileged and their families)
  • Supporting animals (animal shelters visits, picnic raising awareness for dogs care)
  • Cultural (Charity Musical, employees playing instruments for others)
  • Educational Support (English, Math, Excel)
  • Job-search (workshops with teenagers, internship opportunities)
  • Sport events (Bieg Wielkich Serc, Sport’s Days)
  • Environmental with ESEN (Czyste Tatry, Czysta Plaza, Dolina Bedkowska, Vistula River and Ojcowski Park Narodowy Clean-ups; planting trees)
  • Health related events with BeWell (Blood Donation Days, First Aid Trainings)

Only in 2018:

  • Over 70 volunteering events
  • Over 630 volunteers (interns to senior managers)
  • Over 4750 volunteering hours