Corporate Responsibility

UK Gender Pay Gap Report

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Inclusion & Diversity

We strive to create an environment where our diverse backgrounds and experiences contribute to the success of our employees, as well as the success of the company.

Developing inclusion and diversity goals that cultivate this environment is a learning process and our approach continues to evolve. We focus on:

  • Establishing our leaders as champions of inclusion & diversity to convey the importance and business value of a diverse workforce.
  • Building a sustainable pipeline of diverse talent for leadership positions.
  • Implementing a clear standard to hold leaders accountable for creating a diverse workforce and behaving inclusively.

Nurturing inclusivity also requires a strong framework for employees to connect and we do this through our employee affinity groups. Open to all employees, we have 24 networks with over 110 chapters globally. In the UK these include UK PRIDE & Friends, Professional Women’s network, Race and Ethnicity network, Families network and NextGen. They promote diversity awareness and education, offer volunteering opportunities, career development and cultural expression.

Everyone, at all levels of the organisation, has a role to play in helping to build and sustain a culture of inclusion & diversity.


Corporate Citizenship

Active engagement in our local communities is one of our fundamental values. Through volunteering, employee engagement programmes and our grant-making arm, the State Street Foundation, we’ve supported the communities we operate in for more than 40 years.

Our Giving, Investing and Volunteering by Employees (GIVE) programme encourages employees to get involved with causes that they’re passionate about, through initiatives such as paid volunteering days and matched giving.

Modern Slavery Act Statement – 2018

Read State Street's Modern Slavery Act Statement (2018).

UK Money Markets Code of Conduct

State Street’s EMEA securities finance team has signed the Bank of England’s, UK Money Markets Code.

The principles of the Code, which outline the standard and best practice of deposit, repo and securities lending markets, align very closely with our own business. By signing our statement of commitment to the Code, we take an important step toward rebuilding trust and integrity within money markets.

State Street’s signing of the Code is also particularly significant given the firms’ overall influence as a Global Systemically Important Bank; with 11% of the world’s tradable assets passing through it every day.

State Street's statement of commitment is available upon request.

Women in Finance

At State Street, we work hard to provide all of our employees with an inclusive and diverse working environment. We believe our people perform their best in an environment that encourages equality and respect. And by helping our employees be their true selves, we’re creating a stronger organisation for the long term. We are supporters of the UK government’s Women in Finance Charter, and a member of the 30% Club, which works to achieve greater representation of women on FTSE-100 boards.

We’ve had diversity goals in place since 2012. We review these goals annually for progress and measure them fully every three years.

We’ve established a number of employee networks and mentorship groups aimed at helping women and diverse talent to develop and succeed. Our Professional Women’s Network focuses on supporting women with networking, developing public speaking and other professional skills. And our EMEA Diversity Council sets priorities for each of our regional locations, and country managers are held accountable for achieving diversity targets to ensure continuing progress.