Our Mission

ESG at State Street

“As stewards of our clients’ assets, we are deeply invested in understanding the environmental, social and governance issues (ESG) that are material to a company’s ability to generate sustainable performance.”
- Ron O’Hanley, President and Chief Executive Officer


Featured Insight

Aligning Responsible Investing with Securities Lending

With concerns growing about how to align securities lending with responsible investing, Marty Tell, head of Securities Finance, clarifies misconceptions about borrowing to control votes, the role of short sellers, and the importance of governance between the lender and the lending agent.


Data and Analytics

Measuring and Managing ESG


Powerful analytics are a must-have for investors who want to know how ESG impacts their portfolios. ESGX® provides data-driven insights to help investors better understand the ESG characteristics of their holdings and report on them in a transparent, streamlined way.


Stronger Together

Rooted in Effecting Change

The strength of our organization is directly tied to the success of our employees, investors, clients and global communities. By championing our core values, we continue to infuse ESG practices into our business, as well as the products and services that support our clients.